That counts, right? I mean it took a decade for Clark Kent to get in get into any superhero gear in Smallville (granted it was a Martix rip-off and he was called ‘the Blur’ and it was stupid and we are trying to move past that.)

A promo video for CW’s re-branding campaign shows a quick glimpse of the TV version of Oliver Queen. I’ll save you the trouble of trying to pause it and just post a screen cap.

Yep, that sure is a mask he is wearing… er has painted on. Early word is that the show really doesn’t look to terrible, hell it might even be passably good. We’ll find out when Arrow hits the small screen this fall.

Other than that the trailer is really light on anything else related to the show. If you really are interested in everything CW is putting out this year (here’s a hint, its mainly young sexy people kissin and stuff), I’ll post the whole thing up after the jump.

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