To get ya all geared up for Doctor Who‘s return in the fall BBC America will be airing four new documentaries the weekends leading up to the premiere. While last year they ran a few “Best of…” specials this time they’re taking things in a a decidedly more scientific direction. Here’s the list of specials with their air dates,

The Science of Doctor Who: Who-fans will get a chance to get their nerd on by exploring the real-life science behind some of the fundamental concepts and most iconic ideas of Doctor Who. The Science of Doctor Who will premiere Saturday, August 4th at 11:00pm

The Women of Doctor Who:  It takes a certain type of gal to ride with The Doctor – Whether she’s blasting Daleks or running for her life in heels. The Women of Doctor Who will take a closer look the lovely ladies of the series, past, present – and possibly the future? Catch The Women of Doctor Who Saturday, August 11th at 9:00pm

The Timey-Wimey Stuff of Doctor Who: For a Time Lord, tomorrow can easily be both today and yesterday – but for us mere humans it all becomes a big time-wimey ball of confusion. Help relieve some of the time-traveling tangle by watching The Timey-Wimey Stuff of Doctor Who Saturday, August 18th 11:00pm

The Destinations of Doctor Who:  With an extended hand and a gentle smile, The Doctor can whisk you away to anywhere and anywhen. For those of us still stuck on Earth, The Destinations of Doctor Who will give us a closer look at some of our favorite Whovian places from the majestic Starship UK to treacherous Demons Run – all with no passport required! The Destinations of Doctor Who concludes the documentaries Saturday, August 25th at 9:00pm.

In addition to the announcement of the new programs they also released four, sweet lookin’ images for each one,

I think these sound fascinating, especially, go figure, The Women of Doctor Who special. Sure, that one is least scientific of the bunch, but who doesn’t love learning about the ladies? And that promo text seems to hint we could learn a bit more about his next companion played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. Plus, I love that they used Idris, aka the TARDIS, on the poster for the special.

Hmm, and it’s quite noticeable that Christopher Eccelston is absent from these images while both Matt Smith and David Tennant are used. Hmm…

What do you think? Do they sound interesting to you? Which are you most excited for? Or are you just wanting new Doctor Who, now? Yeah, aren’t we all.

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