Earlier this year, the adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter world, John Carter of Mars, hit theaters in the wake of great expectations.  Unfortunately, it was met with disappointment from both sci-fi fans and Burroughs enthusiasts alike.  Even before the official release, the early reviews made it out to be mediocre at best, dooming it failure.  The huge losses that the movie took at the box office cemented the deal.

As it turns out, Jon Favreau was originally attached to the direct the film, but swapped the project out in favor of Iron Man, which, of course, got loads of praise.  Andrew Stanton stepped in to take over, and the rest, as they say, is history.

So, to take some time for a “What If?” moment, what would Favreau have done differently if he had been in the director’s chair?  In an interview with Crave Online, he had this to say about his own take on the film:

I probably wouldn’t have been as ambitious. I think both of us really appreciated the source material. Stanton started to weave in elements from the later books. I probably would’ve told a smaller story.

As we were developing the script it was much more the experience of John Carter being found in this new world and him coming up in a Man Called Horse kind of way among the Tharks and then opening up the world slowly.

Sounds like it could have been the best bet.  After all, one good movie means the potential for sequels and more storytelling in the future.  One bad movie means the death of the franchise.


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