I feel like I am about to tell you I just ran over your puppy.

Deadline is reporting that character actor/scenery chewer John Leguizamo has been cast as ‘Javier’ in the upcoming Jeff Wadlow directed sequel to 2010’s Kick-Ass. You may remember Leguizamo from such memorable performances in Land of the Dead, Spawn or any one of the 47 Ice Age films that seem to come out on a near weekly basis.

Yes, yes, yes. I know he wasn’t terrible in Carlito’s Way, but that was 19 freakin years ago. If you think I am bringing unnecessary hate here, I have two words for you. The Pest.

I’m not saying he is going to be bad in the movie, I am saying he’s probably going to be annoyingly bad. His role will be to guard the body of villain The Red Mist, played by the returning Christopher Mintz-Plasse against Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass (with Aaron Johnson and Chloe Moretz both back in their respective roles.)

Now, ready for a surprise? The rumor is that Nicolas Cage will also be back for a second time, Big Daddy’s death in the first one not withstanding.

Leguizamo OR Cage in a movie usually means bad acting. Both in the same movie? Gentlemen, we have the perfect storm (of bad acting.)


Source: Deadline via /Film

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