With the new season seven trailer set to be released tomorrow there’s plenty of buzz around Doctor Who‘s return this fall with “Asylum of the Daleks.” In addition to that new trailer we’re expecting BBC to release a handful of new promotional photos and it appears one of them leaked early.

This is your last warning before I unleash this insane image on your unprepared retinas.

Are you ready? How about to make sure you click the jump to read on.

Okay, last chance to turn back ’cause BOOM, here it is,

(Click it to experience flaming Daleks in high resolution)

Guys, this is intense, even for Doctor Who. And is anyone else thinking desktop background?

This photo looks absolutely nuts! And I love everything about it. This is the Doctor turned action hero, that’s for sure. We’ve got Daleks on fire and EXPLODING. The Doctor, battered and bruised, carrying an unconscious Amy Pond dramatically through the flames.

Of course, this is assuming the photo isn’t a fake. Which if it is, bravo anonymous photoshopper, that’s once hell of an image.

What do you think, you Whovian Bastards? Real? Fake? Utterly badass no matter what?

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