Welcome to the next exciting chapter in All Things Dark Knight!  Ok, so maybe it’s the first chapter, but it’s still exciting none-the-less.  In the following paragraphs you shall experience the joy and misery of latest developments on the Batman front.  Prepare yourselves, gentle readers, to have your mind blown (or at least learn something new).

First up, a very informative interview with the composer of the amazing score for The Dark Knight Rises (as well as the first two of Nolan’s franchise), Hans Zimmer.  He and the supervising sound editor, Richard King talk about the many creative brainstorms that went into making The Dark Knight Rises more than just a trail of dialogue and visual effects.

Pretty freakin’ cool, especially if you happen to be a sound nerd.  The next portion of the round-up isn’t so cool, however, so brace yourselves for a few words of criticism about The Dark Knight Rises from former 1960s Catwoman, Julie Newmar.

In a recent interview with Yahoo’s The Yo Show (seriously guys?  you couldn’t think of a better name than that?) Newmar voiced her opinions about Nolan’s franchise.  You can witness her interview by clicking on that arrow-thingy below.

And now, a look into a bit of The Dark Knight Rises’ technology (after the bump).

Military expert Mitchell Burnside Clapp, manager of the Disc-Rotor Compound Helicopter program with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has made it plain that “the Bat” (that’s Batman’s fancy new flying machine in the latest film) has a few technical flaws that make it unworkable.

He states that the machine wouldn’t have enough thrust to leave the ground and if even it did, the design of the rotors would make it impossible to maneuver properly.  He does say, however, that if you could figure out a way to generate more power, it might at least get into the sky.  Of course, that much power would be akin to a small nuclear reactor.

The final bit of news is about (what else?) the amount of cash that The Dark Knight Rises has managed to bring in so far.  More than $300 million has been generated by the movie since this Tuesday, making it the fastest on record to break the $300 million mark other than Avengers.

Unfortunately, this third installment in the franchise is still lagging behind the second film, The Dark Knight.  Though it looks unlikely to catch up to Avengers’ $615 million earned thus far, it may be on its way to overrunning The Hunger Games, which rests at $406 million.  And that’s just the domestic market.  Another almost $250 million has been made overseas.

I hope I have satisfied your needs for more Batman-related news.  If you are not satisfied, your time is non-refundable and I have no money, so please don’t sue me.  Remember to tune in again tomorrow, different Nerdbastards-time, same Nerdbastards-channel.


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