At long last Chewbacca, or more so the man inside the wookiee, Peter Mayhew, is getting the respect he deserves. From the man behind Fanboys, – easily one of the best Star Wars films of the past 13 years – director Kyle Newman is developing a movie based on an unproduced, once black-listed script, Chewie, a comedy/biopic about the actor who brought everyone’s favorite wookiee to life.

Chewie was written by Evan Susser and Van Robichaux, is set during the filming of Star Wars in 1977, and will, “follow Mayhew as he tries to balance a career as a hospital worker by day while chasing the Hollywood dream by night by playing a fully suited alien who would become one of sci-fi’s most iconic on-screen sidekicks.”

Sounds awesome, right? Newman is so committed to the project he even went so far as to secure the rights to tell Mayhew’s life story to ensure the film got made.

Now for some homework, if you haven’t yet seen Fanboys, do so, then come back gushing with excitement over Newman being the man chosen to make Chewie a reality.

Source: Cinema Blend via Blastr

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