Though Christopher Nolan’s wonderful ending to his Dark Knight opus has only been in theatres for three weeks, it’s time to get ready for the wild and crazy rumors of Batman’s reboot to begin! The latest report coming from Cosmic Book News is we should expect a new Batman film in 2016. Yup, four years from now. Apparently, to add a little creedence to this rumor, their source is the same who fed them correct info about Green Lantern, The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel. So, y’know, there’s that.

And honestly, I wouldn’t doubt it. Sure, this is still complete and utter rumor, but Batman is easily, EASILY, Warner Bros.’ highest earning super hero property, you can’t expect they’d keep him out of theatres for long. So, while I’m sure they have any definate plans for their reboot at all, I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear there will be soon.

This particular rumor continues, the new Batman film, “will be part of the same shared DC Universe that features the Justice League Movie as well as having Henry Cavill in the role of Superman inJustice League and subsequent sequels to the Man of Steel.”  If this is true, the DC Movie Universe will begin with next year’s Man of Steel, move into Justice League, to be followed but a new Batman movie that will not retell his origin but rather begin with his second year as a hero. CBN also adds a tentative title could be The Batman, which to me sounds like too much detail for this early on, leading me to maybe doubt this information.

But, if Warner Bros. is going to create a linked movie universe, like Marvel’s, this would be a way to do it. I would suggest throwing a few more other heroes’ movies in there, like maybe The Flash or Wonder Woman, and they could have themselves a nice 4-5 year vignette of stories.

What do you think? Is this likely? Could this be the direction Warner Bros. and DC are thinking of going?

Source: Latino Review via Pop Culture Brain

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