As we continue to bask in the wonder that is the season seven launch trailer, filming continues on the second half of Doctor Who‘s seventh season, set to air in 2013. Gathered by Doctor Who set reporter extraordinaire, Ryan Farrel, this gallery of images and video come from the Mark Gattis-penned episode, “The Crimson Horror.” Take a look, but be wary, some of these images may contain spoilers.

Speaking of spoilers, Doctor Who TV has compiled what they feel is a pretty reliable list of spoilers for the upcoming season. I’ve included it below the cut, so don’t continue on if you don’t want any more clues as what could be going on in that trailer.

Here’s the list organized by corresponding episodes:

Asylum of the Daleks

The Doctor discovers what he thinks is a little girl near a giant Dalek statue. Her head opens to reveal a Dalek eyestalk.

Amy is doing a modeling shoot. The photographer points his lens to her, she looks into the camera and it also opens into a Dalek eyestalk.

Rory gets on a bus. The bus conductor’s head opens to reveal a Dalek eyestalk.

All three have been taken out of time into a Dalek holding cell. They are then lifted to the Dalek High council who have a mission for them.

Episode 5

Titled, “The Angels Wept”

The Angels turn the TARDIS to stone.

Episode 8

Titled, “The Cold War”

Mark Gatiss’ story is set in a submarine/ ice base and sees the long awaited return of the Ice Warriors.

The Ice Warriors’ look remains faithful to the classic series, although, their body armour is revealed to be just that.

David Warner plays an Ice Lord.

Series 7 Part 2

There will be a a new title sequence/a new arrangement of the theme to tie in with the 50th anniversary year.

There’s a TARDIS interior change coming

One story is set in the English countryside at an old house. Described as Image of the Fendahl meets Quatermass

An adventure set in the TARDIS centred around the Eye of Harmony

Neil Gaiman will return to write a Cybermen story that sees them totally reimagined.

While all of this is pure speculation you can probably pick out a few of these spoilers that appear proven by some of the evidence we’ve already seen. What do you think? Are they on to something here? What about the rumors of a changing title sequence and TARDIS interior? I guess it is about time for change, isn’t it?

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