Hey, memba that movie Shaun of the Dead? Where a pair of limey, listless losers were pitted against zombies? Yeah… that was a good one! How about another?

Sadly, this is not Shaun of the Dead 2. Though, if you like gibbering Brits vs. zombies, then Cockneys Vs Zombies is the next best thing.

Written by James Moran (Severance) , this R-rated films offers a brutal blend of British comedy, colorful language, gruesome blood/gore, and… Snatch‘s Alan Ford.

Cockneys Vs Zombies knows exactly what it is… a movie about shooting and slashing zombies with a few clever gags and comedy. Silly ole’ British fun at it’s finest.

CVA hits theaters in the United Kingdom August 13th. No word on U.S. release.

Source: /Film (Special thanks to IGN for distributing the trailer)

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