Time is running short for Fox to get started on a Daredevil reboot in order for them to keep the rights to the character from going back to Marvel and now it seems like they have a director in mind for that possible reboot — Joe Carnahan from The Grey and Wolfpunch 2: The Wolfening (the non-canon Grey sequel that lives only in my mind). You’ll recall that David Slade left the project back in July just after Chronicle director Josh Trank signed on to direct the studios Fantastic Four reboot and it seems like Trank can’t escape being linked to Daredevil news.

In addition to the possible Carnahan choice (which is epic for those who ache for a more adult, more rough version of The Man Without Fear) Variety is also reporting that Fox may be interested in buying more time for their Daredevil project to start up (they have until October 10 to begin filming) by offering Marvel use of some of their Fantastic Four characters like The Silver Surfer and Galactus.

Could Norrin Raad and The World Eater appear in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie? Who knows but I’m kind of curious why Marvel would give Fox a lifeline here and not sit on their hands and hope to get the rights back. Yeah, Galactus and the Silver Surfer are valuable but while Daredevil isn’t the most popular figure, if done right, a Daredevil film could be the kind of lower budget, second wave hero film that Marvel has talked about and Matt Murdock does have a history with The Avengers, not a long one, but you never know, maybe he could be a part of a sequel.

So, are you susceptible to people begging you to leave comments on articles? Well then, go right ahead.

UPDATE: Deadline is reporting that Fox may let the rights revert and that they’re talking to Disney about co-financing a Dariedevil film — Silver Surfer and Galacatus are reportedly not on the table.

Sources: Variety, Cinemablend

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