And a cry came out, loud and clear, as nerds across the world celebrated. What awesome, AWESOME news! I, like I’m guessing many of you, credit Joss Whedon with supplying that extra oomph that allowed The Avengers to be such a top-notch super hero movie.

And he’s coming back to do it all again. Finally, it’s official! At least, that’s the word from Disney’s Bob Iger during their quarterly Investors Conference Call, and when those guys are talking money there’s no way they could be joking. But, believe it or not, the news gets even better. In addition to coming back for The Avengers 2, Whedon is also supposedly signed on to work on the Marvel television series which is set within the same universe.

So not only will Joss come back to blow our minds with Avengers 2, he’ll also return to television with a show somehow connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s like, more than we could have ever hoped for! Honestly, I’m giddy about this news, how about you?

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