Everyone has a favorite character that for whatever reason isn’t as popular as you wish they would be. One of mine is Stephanie Brown. You might remember her from previous stints as Robin, Spoiler, and eventually Batgirl in the critically acclaimed though short running Bryan Q. Miller series. Sadly, she’s currently MIA in DC‘s New 52. To make things worse we were recently teased with the possibility Brown would return as Nightwing in the digital Smallville comic, but she was again replaced by the more iconic Barbara Gordon.

Sigh. Honestly, Stephanie Brown fans just can’t catch a break. But never fear! It’s the internet to the rescue! As is often the case, when fans can’t read, watch, or play their favorite characters through official releases they make their own comics, movies, or games. In this instance, a web series starring the fiesty blonde Batgirl, played by Marisha Ray, called Batgirl: Spoiled.

Their first full trailer has just been uploaded, check it out,

What do you think? The fighting looks good, not amazing, but definitely good and believable. I love that Batgirl’s got a smile on her face when she’s kickin’ ass. That’s key to Stephanie’s Batgirl, she always had fun in the cowl. That tease of characters expected to make appearances reads like a who’s who’s of those who didn’t make the cut for the New 52. Gordon as Oracle. Renee Montoya as The Question. Harley Quinn actually looking like Harley Quinn. Plus, add in The Riddler as your main villain and we’re looking at interesting alternative to DC’s current universe.

Its finally here! At long last, we now present the full trailer of “Batgirl: Spoiled”. I’m sure it’s left you with a lot of unanswered questions: Who will jump in at the last second to rescue Steph? How are all these characters involved? Where’s Batman? Who’s the handsome man playing the Riddler? Well all will be answered in the series for sure. For more info now, check out www.BatgirlSpoiled.com and follow our Facebook group for the latest in set leaks, behind-the-scenes photos, and inside track information.

For more info visit their Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

I’m in, are you?

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