As London’s Olympic opening ceremonies unfolded there was one moment Whovians were praying they’d see: David Tennant lighting the Olympic flame. Sadly, things didn’t go down that way, and I don’t believe anyone honestly expected they would, but it was missed opportunity that’s for sure. What if that was a fixed point in time, Olympics committee?!!? Do you understand the ramifications!?

Anyway, in a recent interview with G4 where Tennant was plugging his upcoming mini-series, Spies of Warsaw, he gabbed about his Olympics dreams being dashed, the Doctor Who moment cut from the ceremonies, as well if he’s heard anything about Who‘s 50th,

Out of all the past Doctors and companions I’d like to think Tennant is someone we can definitely count on for a return in the 50th anniversary. You can really feel his enthusiasm for the part anytime he talks about it, and I believe he wouldn’t turn down another chance to hop in the TARDIS. I can only hope they decide to include him.

What kind of role do you think Tennant’s 10th Doctor could have in the 50th anniversary?

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