What do you know, a rumor hits the internet and we all lose our collective shits. Yesterday Variety – yes, the reputable news source not some silly blog or gossip rag – was reporting Warner Bros. was in talks with Ben Affleck to direct their Justice League movie. Yes, Ben Affleck. Let’s just say this news didn’t sit well fanboys and girls internet wide, especially after the news Disney and Marvel were keeping Joss Whedon around for three more years.

But now Deadline is calling bullshit on Variety’s story. They’re reporting they checked with their sources on this story last week and we’re told by Affleck’s reps he would not be seeking the project. So, did he have a meeting with Warner Bros. or not? Has he indeed read Will Beall’s script? Who knows! I’m sure the truth of this will be forever lost in back alley Hollywood negotiations. Unless one of the involved parties comes out and clarifies, which I also find unlikely.

The news WB would go to Ben Affleck for directing their Justice League didn’t sit well with me no matter how many people pointed our his directorial success in recent years, and now it appears I had good reason to doubt it. What do you think about these conflicting reports from such solid news sources? Who’s got the right story?

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