The new season of Doctor Who is almost here and the BBC is busy plugging away for this epic 50th Anniversary.  Specials are all over the place and rumors prolific enough to clog even the seemingly boundless tubes of the Internet.  Steven Moffat has a big order to fill for the 50th and he’s been hinting at all sorts of developments that should knock our socks off (and into a different dimension).  Here’s a few more tidbits to keep fans’ mouths watering until the first episode finally makes its way to the public.

BBC America recently aired a special title The Science of Doctor Who in which Steven Moffat sat down with some smart, science-types and discussed the ins-and-outs of Doctor Who technology and scientific theory.  Michio Kaku, Jim Al Khalili and Maggie Aderin Pocock voiced their opinions on many different subjects, though the following clip details only a brief banter on time travel.

So apparently the verdict is that the Doctor is doing it right.  Never doubt the Doctor.


One of the big Doctor Who events every year is the Christmas Special.  Always filled with guest stars and frequently introducing characters that return later in the series, it also acts as the “fix” for fans as they slog through the inevitable interlude between the first and second half of a season or the finish of one and the start of another.

This year’s special will be introducing the Doctor’s new companion, Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) to the series, as well as bringing on some old favorites to muck about for a while.  Check out the pics and see who’s going to be showing up:

As the season closes in, expect more Doctor Who news, pics and other delicious teasers, all of which we here at Nerdbastards are dedicated to bringing you post-haste.


Thanks to The Mary Sue and ScreenRant for the heads-up on these.

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