Each and every week we scour the Internet for nothing but the best in nerd based art. We leave no digital stone unturned, we poke and prod every net based nook and cranny. Why? Because we love you, and we love to bring you weekly Nerd Art Dumps.

Get a load of these jewels Batman. Gotham’s Queen of crime may have looked awesome in the live-action Dark Knight Rises, but this slightly alternate version by Ivangod may have the big screen beat. Thankfully nothing was stolen at the moment of this drawing – except our adoration. [Deviant Art]

Hit the jump for Shaun of the Dead, Doctor Doom, Lego Legend of Zelda and MOAR!

What look’s like a screenshot from a sweet Shaun of the Dead tribute game is actually the latest piece of nerdy artwork to be added to Gallery1988’s New York City Crazy 4 Cult Show. Created by Aled Lewis, this beat-em-up style game would be pretty bad ass to play if this was real, but as a picture it’s still wicked. Check out more of the Crazy for Cult show if your in the NYC area, starting today. [Tiny Cartridge]

No, your not experiencing a 70’s drug trip, you looking a one of the many pieces to Symbol Society‘s The Streets collection. Featuring the classic Sesame street characters and twisting them into a minimalist abstract artwork collection, the gang at Symbol Society made the puppets cool again for us adults. [GeekTyrant]

Harry Potter gets a LEGO game. Batman got two LEGO games. Hell Star Wars got three LEGO games! Where is the LEGO love for The Legend of Zelda? Wes- Talbott couldn’t wait any longer and created his own LEGO Zelda cover art. [GameTyrant]

The ladies of Marvel Vs. Capcom getting together and playing Marvel Vs. Capcom, our minds are officially blown. Created by Saejin Oh as a part of the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 art book in partnership with Udon, Capcom and Marvel, and Saejin is only one of a handful of artists asked to join in the art book collaboration. Giving the ladies a girls night in is a nice choice, but where are the pillow fights we hear so much about? [Saejin Oh]

The most terrifying race in all of time and space, and their beaten by a bunch of Jawas looking for their next sale, oh the irony! Doctor Who‘s Daleks are scary, a race solely based on destroying others, but to a Jawa their the next big sale on Tattooine. Hopefully with that much scrap metal he’ll be worth more then a couple power converters at Tosche Station. [Geek Tyrant]

With all the hot summer weather we’ve all had in recent days we all need to relax, even the Justice League of America as they head to the beach in swimsuits matching their on-duty costumes! [Deviant Art]

All she wants is her own Prince Charming – and maybe a brain or two to snack on. This zombified Snow White is only one of three Disney princesses that has been transformed by Clocktowerman. The other two, being Ariel and Cinderella, are just as disfigured and rotten and definitely worth a viewing. [Geek Tyrant]

He’s mad at the world and you should be too, so why not join Doctor Doom in this clever recruitment poster by artist David Enebral, based off the iconic WWII Uncle Sam poster.    [David Enebral]

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