Super heroes are all the rage, the big screen and television alike slowly but surely filling up with appropriately themed projects.  It’s only natural that someone should look to explore the possibility of telling a story from the other side of the good vs. evil struggle.  NBC looks to be doing just that with a new super villain show they’re working on called Hench.

The basic plot follows an average Joe who needs money to support his family.  Being as how the pay is good enough, he decides to get a job doing temp work for various super villains.

The plotline is remarkably similar to the 2004 graphic novel of the same name, though it’s unsure of whether NBC will be taking from that story directly or just looting the good bits.  A previous attempt was made to adapt the graphic novel by Warner Brothers, but that one disappeared into pre-production limbo three years ago.

Production heads consist of Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights) and Sarah Aubrey with Alexandra Cunningham (Desperate Housewives) coming on as the writer.  This crew also worked together on the American adaptation of the British drama Prime Suspect, though that one wasn’t received too well by audiences.

Personally, I’m not impressed with those already on the project and am deeply skeptical that it’s going to be a blatant attempt to cash in on the super hero trend.  What do the folks at home thing?

If all goes according to plan, Hench will be joining the line-up of the fall 2013 season.


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the info.

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