The Walking Dead has been a massive success for AMC. It adds another flavor, an eau du rotting flesh if you will, to their already varied tastes of excellent dramas including Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Is a movie based on the series the next logical step? Apparently it’s a possibility as Bloody Disgusting is reporting there’s talk of a feature film based on Robert Kirkman‘s tale of zombies and woe.

File this in the rumor bin, for sure, but BD is claiming, “friends working closely with The Walking Dead crew and AMC” have heard discussions, and while they’re being labeled as, “non-business conversations,” it seems the idea is there. What do you think? Is a movie a good idea? What could it cover? Would it be part of the series or another story set in the same world? The theory proposed by BD is the movie wouldn’t happen until after the series has ended and would serve as a final wrap-up for the show.

Hmm, to me, this doesn’t sound congruous with what we’ve heard from Kirkman before. The whole idea of the comic is it’s the zombie movie that never ends. The relentless, ongoing nature of their struggle for survival is a key element of The Walking Dead. I can’t imagine an ending, so to say there will one day be movie that ties everything up with a neat little bow just doesn’t fit.

Then again, the TV show and the comic book are two very different animals, and I find it unlikely the show will go on for nearly as long as the comic. Maybe when the series ends, whenever that will be, they could find a way to give the saga a fitting ending. Either way, the possibility of a Walking Dead movie seems very far off, but is it something you’d like to see?

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