Joss Whedon, Our Nerdy Lord and Master, has taken to the Internet to preemptively stop a grave injustice in the making. The Avengers is playing on less than 500 screens across the country and Whedon is concerned about an upstart independent film, Sleepwalk With Me stealing those precious theater dollars. Whedon’s solution?

Boycott that Sucka!

Check out the video below for your marching orders, remember, if you upset the Great and Powerful Whedon . . . we might NEVER get more Firefly!

Wait a minute, I guess this NerdBastard should have watched the whole video before starting this post. Whedon wants us to help Mike Birbiglia, writer and director of Sleepwalk With Me get his film on more theater screens.

Sleepwalk with Me opens limited on August 24 and you can learn how to demand it and see where it’s playing at This American Life.

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