It looks like Kristen Stewart will no longer be the fairest of them all. Universal is scrapping the sequel that they had planned for Snow White and the Huntsman and considering going straight to producing a spin-off film of the Huntsman with Chris Hemsworth.

It really fuckin’ sucks when hardcore paparazzi catch you getting it on with your 41 year old, married, director and that affects both your love life and your career.  After the hugely publicized scandal between KStew and Rupert Sanders, her life seems to be taking quite the downturn.  I guess that’s what happens when you drop your pants in the wrong place. It’s pretty unusual for Hollywood to scrap projects and drop actors in between installments, but the timing makes the rationale fairly obvious for this particular move even though no official statements have been made.  It isn’t clear of Sanders will be returning for the spin-off (if it happens), it’s probably not likely.

The screenwriter for Snow White will definitely not be returning for the spin-off, because Universal signed David Koepp on specifically to follow their original plan: do two sequels and have the third one be a standalone film centered on the Huntsman.  Since the plan has now changed, Koepp is out of a writing gig and is settling his contract because the job he was signed on to do no longer exists.

So it looks like Universal’s scoping the market for a new screenwriter, and may start production once Hemsworth is finished playing God.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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