Only mere moments ago we shared the official release date for the Jeff Wadlow directed Kick-Ass 2. It’ll be June 28 of next year, by the way. And now we’ve learned of yet another addition to the cast. Robert Emms (Mirror, Mirror, Warhorse, Anonymous) has signed on to play Insect Man, a hero inspired by the actions of Kick-Ass and Hit Girl and a member of Justice Forever. It’s kinda obvious from his get up, but Insect Man is a Spider-Man parody. Here’s a little more on the character,

He claims to be a policeman but uses a costumed secret identity to do things that being a policeman doesn’t allow him to do. In legal terms he would be considered a corrupt cop but his intentions appear to be noble. However, he wouldn’t be the first superhero to lie about his origins, so anything he says is questionable. He joined Justice Forever, and armed with a baseball bat, assisted them in breaking up a human trafficking organization.

Emms joins returning cast members John Romita Jr. Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as well as newcomers John Leguizamo as Javier and Donald Faison as Dr. Gravity.

I’ve mentioned before I only recently finished reading Kick-Ass 2, and while I liked it, it’s not as strong as its predecessor. And that’s not shocking, how many sequels are? But what is shocking is how much more ambitious of a book it is. And believe it or not, but the violence is even more intense. I’m hoping Kick-Ass 2 is as much gruesome fun as the first. Do you think Wadlow’s sequel will live up to Matthew Vaughn‘s Kick Ass?

Source: Deadline via Geek Tyrant

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