By now you’ve most likely heard that the rights to Daredevil have been given back to Marvel Comics (Disney) by FOX because they could not complete a movie in the time remaining on the contract. FOX executives even passed up a trade deal offered by Marvel  in which FOX  could keep the rights in exchange for returning the rights to Galactus and the Silver Surfer.

FOX  had brought in director Joe Carnahan to try a last ditch effort to get a Daredevil movie into theaters before the contract ran out. It looks like Joe really tried to get the movie off the ground, but just didn’t have enough time to put it all together in a professional manner and therefore the rights reverted back to Marvel.

Carnahan discussed the situation during a radio interview with The Radio Dan Show.

“I was brought in pretty late in the game, and my take probably didn’t help matters since they had an existing script.  But I just thought that if you were going to do it, this was the way to go.  This is the way that intrigued me… It was initially something I passed on because Christopher Nolan had done such a lovely job with Batman and unless you’re going to go after that trilogy, then that’s how you have to think.  You can’t out-hurdle that, then what’s the point of trying?  So it set the bar extraordinarily high, and I thought ‘Well, if we’re going to do this, let’s have a discussion about Hell’s Kitchen, and how it was really Hell’s Kitchen in the 70s,” so that got me really excited.  But as I mentioned, the clock ticking and this kind of October drop-dead date, it wasn’t tenable.  And having gone down this road in the past when you’re trying to write something and shoot it at the same time is disastrous, and I think you’d need an adequate amount of time to put that script together in the right way.  My brother [Matthew Michael Carnahan (The Kingdom)] was interested in writing it with me, so we’ll see.”

Carnahan is totally on track about the disaster that would occur from shooting while still trying to complete the script and dialogue. The 70’s idea though, that sounds like a movie this NerdBastard would love to see.

My fellow NerdBastard Adam Donaldson doesn’t agree though and makes some pretty good points about keeping Daredevil in the present. I’m of the opinion that not every Marvel movie or Marvel character needs to be able to jump into another characters movie world. There are great stories to be told that don’t have to include multiple heroes or story lines. Don’t get me wrong, The Avengers is fantastic and I like the interconnections between the Thor, Captain America and IronMan films, but I don’t want those connections to prevent a great story from being done.

Who knows, maybe Disney will give a 70’s Daredevil movie a chance . . . most likely not, it’s a pretty dark story.

While trying to get things rolling Carnahan put together a couple of “Sizzle Reels” to show the studio what the movie might look and feel like. The videos contain footage from a variety of sources, movies and comic art, you’ll most likely recognize a lot of it. What it does do is set the tone for the project.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Would a 70’s style Daredevil work in Hollywood?

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