The all-father of comics, Stan Lee, took to YouTube and answered a barrage of fan questions ranging from Comic Books to film and more.

It’s always a joy listening to Lee speak. He’s just so jovial and down to earth. Every word spoken is as fascinating as the last. It’s like listening to God speak about the universe. With Stan being god-like (creating great and timeless characters is God worthy), and a tangible one at that, you sit down and show your respect. When God speaks, you listen.

HIT THE JUMP for to read (and watch, we embedded YouTube clips as well) of Stan discussing his favorite DC character, Marvel movie, how Fantastic Four came to be and more.

On whether her prefers Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield underneath the Spider-Man suit.
STAN LEE: I love them all & if I had a favorite I wouldn’t tell you. I love working on them & working with the people who make them. And I wouldn’t wanna offend anybody by placing one over the other. I am such a wonderful person, the world should learn something from my example.

On the superhero he’d choose to be.
LEE: Tony Stark! He’s rich, he has women, boats, planes & a sense of humor.

On the supervillain he’d choose to be.
LEE: Dr. Doom, then I’d be a king! Ya know I was in London, a couple of months ago & I was hoping that when I got off the plane, the queen would be there to greet me & put a ribbon around my neck that I could be Sir Stan Lee…but I guess she was busy or something.

On how he deals with writer’s block.
LEE: When I’m really at an impasse, I’ll stop & say to myself: “Come on you Jerk, it’s just words on paper.”

On his favorite DC hero.
LEE: My favorite DC character is Lobo, although you couldn’t call him a hero…

Which of his creations does he feel is most underrated and deserves to be more popular.
LEE: I don’t know, they’re all rated pretty well. I would like to see more of the Inhumans at Marvel but I’m sure I will sooner or later but I don’t think any of them are underrated. They’re all pretty good.

What’s the moment he was most proud of.
Lee: Everyday is a defining moment, you never know what’s going to happen. But I guess the most defining moment was when I wanted to quit years ago because I didn’t like the kinds of stories I was told to write. My wife told me why don’t I write one story the way I wanted to do it and maybe he’ll fire me but so what, I want to quit anyway. And that’s when I wrote the Fantastic Four. So I guess that’s my most defining moment at work.

On people asking him to sign stuff he didn’t create or write.
Lee: People will often ask me to sign pictures or comics of characters I didn’t create… Wolverine being a chief example of this… I always make it a point to tell people that I didn’t create the character, but they ask me to sign it anyway. I’ll always oblige a fan, but I won’t do it under false pretenses.

On how he got his start in the comic book business.
Lee: I kind of fell into it, actually. I answered an ad in the paper for a position at a magazine company, and it turned out to be at Timely Comics. Timely was was run by Martin Goodman, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Little did I know I’d end up where I am now!

On the Marvel character he’d like to see get his own film.
Lee: Black Panther. He’s not too obscure, I hope.

Check out more from Stan at his Official YouTube channel.

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