Word is out that BBC America has joined the production team of BBC One‘s The Musketeers.

The 10-episode action drama inspired by Alexandre Dumas‘ classic novel, will be written by Adrian Hodges (My Week With Marilyn, Survivors, Primeval). This Nerdbastard really enjoyed the BBC Survivors series and wished it could have at least been completed to a satisfying end.

BBC America GM Perry Simon said the series is a:

“Fresh and contemporary take on the beloved story and characters, the series bristles with vivid escapism and heroic action adventure.”

With shows like Sherlock, Merlin, and Robin Hood it is a good bet that the series will do well with BBC America viewers. There are sure to be some tweaks in the stories and characters.

What do you think, will you be tuning in when the show hits the air in 2013?

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