The name Joss Whedon has resonated among geek culture for some time and this icon has recently made a world-wide name for himself by directing the massively popular (and profitable) Avengers movie.  As most know by now, he’s signed up to direct the sequel.  Apparently, he’s also signed on to do a lot more with Marvel Studios.  While doing his rounds to promote Avengers in Japan (where it only recently released) some Japanese online news-types managed to pin him down and get an interview.

The translation is a bitch (my translator only turns out a mish-mosh of vaguely intelligible sentences), so we’re relying on our pals over at screenrant (thanks guys!) who managed to pull some of the juicy bits out.

Here are the general highlights of what Whedon had to say about the future of Avengers and other Marvel projects:

1) While he wants to do something more personal for the Avengers sequel and is looking to spend more time exploring the characters, he’s still upping the number of team members (one addition that he says he’s already decided on) and is planning on keeping the story just as epic as the first.

2) Avengers 2 will be stand-alone in the way he plans on putting it together, so even those that don’t keep up with all the ‘part 2s’ of the coming years won’t be lost walking into it.

3) He’s going to be heavily involved in putting together all of the next run of sequels for Marvel Studios, using his powerful geek-brain to act as a consultant.

4) Marvel Studios plans on using the Avengers brand name to help promote Whedon’s upcoming Marvel TV series (which remains a mystery thus far).

So there you have it folks – Whedon is shackled to Marvel Studios for many years to come and seems rather eager about the whole situation.  Hopefully, his touch will be evident in upcoming productions and we can expect a good deal of continuity along with some more kick-ass super hero flicks.


Thanks to screenrant once again for the heads-up.

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