With the premiere of Doctor Who Series 7 less than two weeks away we’re heading into Who overdrive! The Beeb isn’t stopping their promotional storm either, today releasing a 20 second clip from the beginning of “Asylum of the Daleks.” Check it out,

SAVE THE DALEKS! Huh, think that’s a plea The Doctor (Matt Smith) will agree to? Remember that scene from the official trailer where he’s carrying Amy (Karen Gillan) and is surrounded by dead Daleks? Yeah…don’t think he’s gonna save them.

But then again, The Doctor usually isn’t that cruel and it’s likely after a long period of inner turmoil, he’ll make a last ditch effort to help. And did anyone else have the thought that when Rory (Arthur Darvill) asks, “Who killed all the Daleks?” and the Doctor responds, “Who do you think?”, that just maybe it was Amy?

All right, maybe not because those are some pretty obvious WHO clues in that exchange, but it was a thought. And that’s all I’ve got to do until the new series airs! AHH! September 1st needs to be now!

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