Stephen King’s Dark Tower series is a hot property in the books-to-visual media market.  It has a huge fan base and would present some potentially great special effects opportunities to blow people’s minds.  Acclaimed Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard was onboard to both direct and produce an adaptation of the series and another Academy Award winner, Russell Crowe was looking seriously at the lead role.  Unfortunately, the folks at Warner Brothers, who were working with Howard to make it happen, have decided that they don’t want to do it.  They have now officially dumped the project, top-notch talent be damned.

Howard’s forward-thinking plan for the Dark Tower series was to make three movies and accompany them with two television series that would run between releases.  Admittedly, trying to put together that much is pretty ambitious and a definite commitment on the part of a production company.  Warner Brothers is the second to give Howard the thumbs-down, Universal being the first.

So it looks like the Dark Tower will once again return to pre-production limbo as Howard and fellow producers Brian Grazer and Stephen King look for new backing.  With any luck, they may be able to find a company with the balls to take on what could be one hell of a money-maker.

What do you all on the other side of the Internet think?  Is this just too ambitious of a project for companies that guard their wallets with tooth-and-nail?  Or are Warner Brothers and Universal truly stupid for passing up on the franchise opportunity of a lifetime?


Thanks to Variety and Very Aware for info on this one.

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