Staring at an April 2014 release date, the filmmakers of Captain America: The Winter Soldier are getting their ducks lined up, and by “ducks,” I mean actors. Anthony Mackie has already been lined up to play Sam Wilson, AKA: The Falcon, Captain America’s regular partner in fighting crime, but how about some romance for the Star-Spangled Avenger?

The presumption is that the part in question is Sharon Carter, niece of Peggy Carter who was played by Hayley Atwell in The First Avenger. Of course, the part may have to be rewritten considering that unless she’s Peggy Carter’s grandniece, Sharon too would be of retirement age. Still, Sharon plays a big part in the Winter Solider story arc, so you need an actress with significant heft (that’s gravitas, not weight) for the role. According to The New York Post’s Page Six there are three candidates on the list.

  • Who: Anna Kendrick
  • You Know Her From: The Twilight Saga, Scott Pilgrim, 50/50
  • Pros: She’s an Academy Award-nominated actress for her role opposite George Clooney in Up in the Air. Plus she’s got geek cred as Scott Pilgrim’s sister Stacey, and a whole whack of Twi-Hards in her pocket. She’s a very accomplished actress, and she’s only 27.
  • Cons: She’s doesn’t have a lot of experience as a lead actress, and she’s not got a lot of experience in an action role (but then again that’s going to be a demerit for all of these actresses). Still, if there’s a mainstream choice for the role, it’s Kendrick.

  • Who: Felicity Jones
  • You Know Her From: Like Crazy, her breakthrough film, came out last fall
  • Pros: Jones is a very hot property right now. Plus, she’s English, which is a bonus considering that Peggy Carter was also of that nationality.
  • Cons: Not being English isn’t a deal-breaker. And Jones may not be well known enough (yet) to take a chance on with such a big role as Captain America’s love interest. Of course that may change if she is cast, but now the snake is eating itself, so we’ll move on.

  • Who: Imogen Poots
  • You Know Her From: 28 Weeks Later, Centurion, Fright Night
  • Pros: Like Jones she’s English. She also probably has the most geek cred of all the nominees, her second role was in V For Vendetta, and her third was 28 Weeks Later. She’s got experience in action, but she’s also comfortable in costume dramas, like her recent part in Jane Eyre. So she’s pretty close to the total package.
  • Cons: There maybe some initial confusion with the UK band Imogen Heap. But aside from that, she might have the same level of name cache as Jones, but she does have an “I know that girl” face, which could work in her favor too.

We’ll keep you posted as to when were down to one candidate.

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