‘Dark Tower’ Hope in Sight?

The other day, news broke that Stephen King’s Dark Tower series was hitting some more snags.  Warner Brothers (and Universal before them) slammed the door in Ron Howard’s face and sent the project back to the drawing board as Howard and his posse are forced to find some other source of monies.  It looked like a downward spiral for the ambitious three movie, two television series adaptation, but now it appears as if there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Following the Warner Brothers announcement, Media Rights Capital approached Howard about possibly lending their chests full of dollar bills to Dark Tower.  It’s going to be a years-long commitment and a deep dig in the pockets for whoever says yes to it, but the project has the potential to become a big money-maker.

So why would MRC put their neck on the line when other, larger and richer studios have opted out?  Apparently, Modi Wiczyk, co-founder and co-CEO of MRC is a fan of King’s books and has taken a personal interest in the project.  With Ron Howard in the director’s chair and a potential Russell Crowe in the lead, this could be the one that puts MRC on the Hollywood map for good.  Or, if things go south, the one that breaks their bank.

So far it’s only talk, so we fans of the books must regrettably play the waiting game a little while longer.  Will MRC say yes?  Will we finally see a Dark Tower production?  Or will it get kicked to the curb once more?

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And thanks to geektyrant for sounding the horn on this one.

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