Lionsgate has begun the onslaught of Dredd 3D marketing and promotion this week with new clips and this new television spot for the upcoming release. There’s tons more on the way from the look of things. The movie stars Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, and Lena Headey.

This movie looks to be all action and violence in true Judge Dredd style. This NerdBastard is truly hopeful for this version of the Dredd character. After watching everything available on the Internet there hasn’t been one clip of a witty quip, no banter, no Stallone type mugging to the camera. This could just be the Dredd movie fanboys . . . and girls have been waiting for.

The movie will be released in theaters on September 21st. If your there opening night in Atlanta Ga, look around you, this NerdBastard might just be in a seat next to you!

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