The first Resident Evil film was, early on, what looked to be the beginning of a successful film franchise filled with gore and action. You even a got a few shots of Milla Jovovich‘s naughty bits for good measure. After that though, things went down hill.

It no longer has any real connection to the original subject matter, the characters you actually want to see have become mere co-stars and Paul W.S. Anderson gets to nail his lead actress. It has finally peaked. But, after all the girl-on-monster fighting, we finally get what we’ve all been waiting for in this newest clip from Resident Evil: Retribution – girl-on-girl fighting action.

Except it comes with that filler and signature “go big, but add more quick cuts and slow-mo” filming you’ve come to expect from Anderson. And never mind that you can’t hear the audio. It was too embarrassed to be involved in this rough cut you’re about to watch.

Honestly, is anyone – Paul in particular – even trying anymore or is Screen Gems just prepping us for Resident Evil: Shut up and give us your money?

Source: Topless Robot

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