Worried you’ll need to fork over even more of your hard earned cash to see The Hobbit films at 48 frames per second? “Nope!” says Variety. Since there will already be an increased charge to see the films in 3D, Warner Bros. convinced exhibitors to not stick movie goers with an even higher charge for 48 fps over 24 fps. Hooray, now you’ll only spend an arm OR a leg instead of an arm AND a leg to see The Hobbit in 3D, no matter the frame rate.

But of course, this doesn’t really mean shit to most of us because unless you live near one of the handful of theatres screening The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in 48 fps, you’ve got no other option than to see it in 24 fps. So, thanks, I’m glad I’ll be spending the same amount of dough to see my Hobbit in 3D at a lower frame rate than some lucky bastard in Los Angeles or New York.

Then again, maybe I’m the lucky one because the initial response to 48 fps were less than inspired. Will you try and catch The Hobbit in 48 fps if you can? Will you see it in 3D? Or, will you just try your luck and buy a “licensed” copy of The Hoobit from China?

Source: /Film

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