If you have not read Wolverine #312 (and plan to) do NOT read any further. If you are a fan of the current run of Wolverine by Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi then seriously do not read any further, I may not be kind to something you enjoy.

The dreaded and rarely enjoyed retcon, the bane of comic book nerds everywhere. Yes we sometimes grow to accept them, hell even love them at times, but when you take decades of continuity and toss it aside for the sake of ‘refreshing’ a character with new and innovative concepts that… will just be retcon’d out in a year or so… Well I digress.

This week Loeb and Bianchi treated us to the third installment in the four issue “Sabertooth Reborn” arc, and issue that boldly rewrites everything we have known about Logan. After the jump, get ready to flush everything Barry Windsor-Smith, John ByrneChris Claremont, and even what co-creator Len Wein has ever written, alluded to, or flat out said about the characters beginnings.

Last warning. This is a spoiler. It is also stupid. Behold the final page of the issue.

Yep. that’s right. Logan did it to himself! He wiped his own memory to hide the fact that he gave himself an adamantanium skeleton and claws for… some reason. Forget everything you’ve ever read, for it was really all part of Wolverines own master plan to… uh… something.

Btw, the naked dude that is cosplaying as Wolverine that is about to strike Wolverine isn’t Wolverine. See he is Romulus, who’s twin sister, Remus (she is a redhead, and we all know how Wolvie feels about redheads), has been leading Logan into this… Well, Romulus and Remus are names taken from Roman mythology, see they were wolves that… ah f#¢k it. This is not a good comic book.

I would never judge a writer on just one issue, that is why I went back and read the previous two issues after reading this one. I won’t be reading the next one.

Someone please let me know when this retcon has been recton’d.

Thanks in advance.

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