Fans like you often go out and get the scoop on the local happenings before professionals catch up. Such is the case of “Steve.” Steve lives near the Borne Woods where filming for the sequel Thor: The Dark World is going into production. Steve snapped some interesting pictures and sent them in to SuperHeroHype. Steve said:

“Thor 2 pics attached from Bourne woods, UK. Compact camera is a bit crap and security won’t let me get much closer but they’re OK. Filming due to start in 2 weeks. Will send some more before then.”

That is cool beans. If any of you fellow NerdBastards out there have something similar going on in your home town, grab some pics and send them NerdBastards way. We’d love to get the word out to the rest of your fellow NerdBastards.

Back to the pictures. These pictures give a clear look at the early set design for the movie, perhaps this is a set from the Dark Elves land?

Thor: The Dark World hits theater screens on November 8, 2013.

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