‘Prometheus’ Fifield Gets the CGI Make-Over

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus came in at just over two hours long, but that was with a fair degree of footage left out.  Most of this is rumored to be showing up in the future Blu-ray release, but until then, it shall be squeezed out, drop-by-drop, into the Internet.  The latest tease involves an alternate version of the Fifield genetically-mutated zombie-monster that shows up to mess up the Prometheus and her crew.

Some pictures were released showing the CGI version of the baddie – a more alien-looking version of the straight make-up effects they eventually settled on.  If you’ve seen the movie, you probably remember something like this:

But with the CGI added, he would have been more like this:

It doesn’t seem to change too much and means little in the long run, but for us FX geeks, it’s kinda neat to see what they had originally planned.


Thanks to slashfilm for the info.

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