Joss Whedon‘s Avengers has been referred to more than once as the anti-Dark Knight. That is to say where Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is, well, dark, The Avengers is a flashy, uplifting, and a fun romp of super heroics. Luckily they chose to focus on that upbeat tone in The Avengers because other wise we could have gotten this,

That’s a clip from an alternate opening scene for The Avengers that’ll be available as a bonus feature when it releases on DVD and Blu-ray September 25th. Kinda of whole different movie after that, isn’t? I wonder if The Avengers would still have been the mega-hit it was had they approached the film from the angle of Maria Hill’s (Colbie Smulders) flashback during some post-climactic battle briefing? Hmm, things to ponder.

Also included in the deluge of bonus material available on the DVD/Blu-ray – so much material you have to wonder what’ll be left to surprise us – is a clip from a feature about Robert Downey Jr. and how he was the ring leader behind the scenes, rallying the cast and crew to make The Avengers into that smash hit.

I’m still adamant RDJ really is Iron Man. In the sense that Iron Man wouldn’t be the hit character for Marvel he is today if it wasn’t for what RDJ brought to the role.

The Avengers will be available to own – legally, anyway – September 25th.

Sources: /Film, MarvelUK

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