On the eve of the what is being touted as an iconic moment between icons, it looks like its the end of the line for one of comics longest standing romances. This week Justice League #12 hits the stands and will feature the first kiss between Superman and Wonder Woman (their first as far as the new 52 status quo is concerned that is.) What does that mean for Lois and Clark?

Well, if you are a fan of the romance that first hit print in 1938, we have bad news for you.

Jim Lee and Geoff Johns spoke with with the Associated Press, the AP’s Matt Moore writes:

One aspect that did not survive the relaunch: Lois Lane’s role as Superman’s love. She’s still around, but the two have never dated, nor are they likely to.

Geoff Johns, who writes “Justice League” is laying out a story that looks not only at the couple but the effects on others, too, Lee said.

“The way Geoff unfolds the story and the implications of 2 of the most powerful characters in the DCU becoming a team is something that goes beyond the question of ‘What about Lois and Clark?'” Lee said.

“This is a statement to every nation and geopolitical organization in the entire DC Universe giving creative teams ample material to explore this relationship on so many different levels.”

Now, I do realize it was more the writers assumption than a direct quote from Lee or Johns, however the powers that be at DC are also completely avoiding addressing the now retconed out of existence near 75 year romance. Everything points to big blue and the amazonian’s new relationship to be the modern comic book power couple, meanwhile Lois is shacked up with some other dude and views Clark as simply a friend and a colleague.

Personally, it seems like an odd choice to make really. Not only does it ignore one of the most widely known facts about the characters, that Lois and Clark are destined to be together, it also seems to contradict the up coming big screen reboot of the Man of Steel.

An interesting choice, DC editorial.

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