When you hear of a “console war” it brings all sorts of images to your head – various gaming systems battling it out in a field of red rings and shattered motion controllers comes to mind.

In actuality, it’s an ad-driven competition between various gaming companies to see which one will be the top dog of the industry. Sounds a little less pleasing after hearing that, but to Sony it sounds like the perfect movie.

For those that have paid attention to this “war” here’s a quick run down of events: Sega and Nintendo used to be the kings of the gaming world, then Sony and Microsoft waltzed their way into our homes with brighter graphics and sleeker systems. Now Sega just makes games to stay alive and Nintendo decided to play with its Wii in the corner, leaving Sony and Microsoft to duke it out alone. That is the quickest, simplest version of the last 20 years of gaming.

Other then those names, most regular people might not understand the everyday, behind-the-scenes details and tactics of those same companies in a big-budget movie. According to gaming news site Joystiq though, this hasn’t stopped Sony from registering a list of domains in preparation for the Console Wars, their tale on the everlasting war between consoles and developers. Kris Tapley of In Contention has commented on this news, saying he’s heard about the project and that it’s going to be like Social Network, but for video games.

Just take a look at these domains they registered:

We don’t know how all of this will play out, but seeing how this is mainly a Sony picture it might be a bit one-sided when it comes to those “other” gaming companies. No news yet on whether any of these said companies has tried to stop or delay the development of this movie, but give it time.

Special thanks to /Film for the heads up

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