Scott Struber’s Bluegrass Films has just optioned the Arcana / Benderspink graphic novel The Order and set screenwriter Brian Nathanson to script the movie. The Order is about a group of young priests gathered by the Vatican, “to travel the globe battling mysterious evil forces.”

Sounds like a great straight to DVD movie to this NerdBastard. The only thing missing from this news is a police officer blowing his whistle and yelling, “Move along, nothing to see here.” It must be a seriously slow news day for this story to be on every movie blog and news feed.

Unless the producers manage to cast a group of hot, young, KNOWN actors to fill the team, this is going to be just another poor man’s Constantine team-up. Did anyone experience any excitement about the announcement of this project?

Here’s the big tag line . . . “From the producer that brought you the movie Battleship and the television show Whitney . . .”

This Nerdbastard is gonna go check the prices on pitchforks.

Via: /Film

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