So the usual way that Comic-Con works for those of us who didn’t attend is that everything shown there eventually makes its way to the lawless badlands of the internet and then these projects tend to — in a snap — be everywhere and the next time you turn around everything is The Avengers and you’ve got 17 behind the scenes featurettes up your ass. Guillermo Del Toro‘s Pacific Rim is anything but usual.

Our Dev Richards was in Hall H to see the Pacific Rim teaser footage that has still not been seen by the masses and she told us back then that: “The trailer re-defines the term epic. Massive robots fighting massive monsters in a futuristic society. Hardwick asks del Toro how he did that, “That’s just the tip” he says.” Del Toro went on to promise rocket launchers, sea monsters, robot weapon porn, and also said that there would be “No fucking motion capture” and ”you treat the resources with respect. You don’t use CGI to save work, you use it as a tool to make it better.”

Del Toro also told the SDCC crowd that there would be no additional PR done for the film until the end of the year, but Empire Magazine’s “Winter and Beyond” issue got a look at some pics and clearly, this film is going to flat out rock. Take a look at the pics below and let us know what you think below.

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