I don’t remember Marty rocking a sniper rifle, maybe this was from the lost Stoltz footage.

You’re gonna see some serious shit when you open this article…

Damn GTA IV, I thought I knew how to quit you. Seriously, after spending countless hours of my life all-up-in Liberty City’s every nook and cranny, making Niko Bellic into the baddest bitch on the block, and making it rain boats on people whenever my day felt gnarly, well… I thought I had extracted every bit of fun out of the thing — that is until now.

Apparently someone has made a Back to the Future mod where you can be Marty McFly, pilot a DeLorean, experience that awkward moment when you pick up a hooker and she’s your mom, and time travel your way clear of the PO-PO leaving only pixelated flame trails! Seriously, this games got everything!

Here’s the video of the mod in action. You can check out the Mod-maker’s YouTube page here to learn some tricks on how they did this.

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