Sexy Cosplay of the Week- Its Raining Neon

- 08-31-12Cosplay, Featured Posted by NickBungay

Looks like it’s time once again surf the information super highway that is the Internet, sift through all the porn and ad space to give you your weekly dose of Sexy Cosplay of the Week . This week it’s America’s own Its Raining Neon.

An animation and media arts major, ‘Its Raining Neon’ has used all that book learning to make some pretty kick-ass cosplays. It’s like she chose the single best way to be an awesome cosplayer and it only cost her several thousand dollars, but that’s second to her curvy figure and stunning good looks. This isn’t ‘Its Raining Neon’s’ first time being featured for her cosplay work either, having been featured on other sites like Comicbook Cosplay and interviewed for Cosplay Testimonials (on sale now).

Don’t believe she has that special touch? Then get your eyes checked out look at her cosplay of DC universe’s Jesse Quick or Borderlands bouncy Mad Moxxi. Check out more in the jump.

Check out more at Its Raining Neon’s Facebook or Deviant Art pages.

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