Following in the successful footsteps of the producers of New Girl on FOX, J.J. Abrams has put the first episode of his new series Revolution out on the Internet for fans to check out.

This is one of the more successful maneuvers that Hollywood marketing has come up with in the last few years. If the show’s first episode is good, the word of mouth generated by the Internet can drive the regular television viewer counts much higher than the standard premiere pattern and lock viewers in for the season.

This gives the show a chance to build a viewer base before the show airs on television. A show like Revolution needs that extra little push to get viewers in “on the ground floor” of the show. That will generate advertiser dollars. Just think about how many shows you have recommended or had recommended to you, that you had to scramble to catch up to the current episode.

This NerdBastard has only watched the first segment of the show so I don’t have a fully considered opinion on the show yet, but I’m going to watch the entire thing after posting this for you other NerdBastards out there in Internet land.

Don’t get caught watching this at work, but make sure to come back and watch it later this afternoon. After that, put your thoughts on the show in the comments section below. NerdBastards is interested in your take on showing the pilot early on the Internet, and how good you think the show was.

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