All right, so this skeevy, grotesque fella you see above might well be The Goblin King, played by Barry Humphries, as imagined for Peter Jackson‘s The Hobbit Trilogy. At least according to this French Tolkien website. Obviously nothing about these leaked images has been confirmed but the design kind of seems in line with what we’d expect from Jackson. What do you guys think? Here’s another shot,

Not familiar with The Goblin King? Here’s a little write up translated from the website, but be warned, it does contain some spoilers,

The Goblin King is a huge, grotesquely bloated monster that in the years of his tyrannical rule over the miserable inhabitants of the Goblin town grew fat and flabby. The Goblin town is a collection of skew-whiff ramshackle huts deep in the caves of the Misty Mountains. He commands a bunch of foul, polluted, with scars and ulcers studded goblins.

Basically, they are bandits, they live by what they can pick up from passengers on the passes through the mountains. The Goblin King and his followers manage to capture Bilbo and the dwarves. The Goblin King is more wily and smarter than it seems. He takes pleasure in torturing his prisoners — he almost succeeds to finish off Thorin Oakenshield and his companions.

Not only do I wonder if this is what The Goblin King will look like, but in what film will we see him? I’m guessing the first, but then again I’m a little rusty on The Hobbit as it’s been years since I’ve read it. Any Tolkein scholars out there who could fill us in?

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