I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed by this news, Neil Gaiman announced during his Hugo acceptance speech that he would be returning to Doctor Who to pen another episode. How awesome is this!?!? Very. “The Doctor’s Wife,” Gaiman’s Hugo-winning episode from Series 6, is lauded by many as one of the best episodes of Who – ever – as it explored the series’ oldest relationship, The Doctor and his TARDIS, in a way no one could have ever imagined.

Gaiman’s new Who episode is expected to air in the second half of Series 7 so we shouldn’t expect to see anything until early Spring next year. But, at the Hugo after party Gaiman revealed that “The Doctor’s Wife” was initially intended to air in Series 5 but was pushed to Series 6 for budgetary reasons. Hopefully that won’t happen again but he did hint this new episode was also pretty expensive, so who knows.

Heres’ hoping we’ll see Gaiman’s episode next year as opposed to whenever Who returns for Series 8.

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