The overall consensus on The Avengers was that it FUCKIN’ ROCKED, but that doesn’t mean it’s without haters. While Avengers currently holds a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes there were critics who were less than impressed by Joss Whedon‘s superheroic tour de force. So, what does Whedon have to say on the matter?

In remarks made to the New York Post, Whedon – respectfully – called out some critics as not honestly reviewing The Avengers but rather taking potshots at the superhero genre as a whole,

I went into a bubble when the film came out, but do know that Sam Jackson got pretty huffy. I don’t think a flame war is going to help anybody. People are allowed to not like the film, but I do get annoyed when somebody really hasn’t done their homework. A lot of reporting in the negative reviews … was more like they were reviewing the [superhero] genre than the movie itself.

It’s completely understandable for not everyone to love a movie like The Avengers, but it’s also expected for critics to review the movie they’re watching not just lash out on the kind of movie they’re being asked to review.

I thought overall the reviews of The Avengers were pretty fair and balanced, but do you?

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