Some of us wish that James Cameron’s Avatar was nothing more than a bad dream that we will eventually wake up from.  But that multi-million dollar piece of plotless eye candy hit big, so apparently there’s millions of someones out there that like it.  In order to capitalize on the Avatar insanity, Disney and Cameron got together and decided they were going to make a giant-ass theme-park attraction.  It looks like that idea has, however, hit a few snags.

The James Cameron’s World of Avatar was announced last year, with construction set to begin next year.  It is to be a part of Disney’s Florida Animal Kingdom and would recreate the world of Pandora, adding some rides and merch stores while leaving out the excessive CGI.  Basically, it’s a money-maker in the vein of the Harry Potter world, except foresty and filled with giant blue people.

Rumors surrounding the project now say that it doesn’t seem to be making any progress.  One major complication attributed to the delays appears to be James Cameron being a complete pain in the ass to deal with, marching off whenever he gets into an artistic disagreement with the Disney Imagineers.  Kinda makes it hard to build the stuff when the main guy is nowhere to be found, I guess.

If the park has indeed been pushed and, as has already been confirmed, the Avatar sequels are being pushed back as well, we may, gratefully, be able to enjoy another 3 or more years without fkn Avatar further blighting our world.  This news may be proof that there is a God.


Thanks to /film for the info on this one.

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