J.J. Abrams Takes On Yet Another Television Project

J.J. Abrams is quickly becoming the busiest guy on the face of the planet with all the projects he takes on.  In addition to finishing up the Star Trek sequel, he’s been working on some television projects, including an NBC show called Revolution that starts up in two weeks.  Now, it looks like he’ll be adding even more to his plate by creating a sci-fi show for Fox.

This newest idea is a futuristic vision of the typical cop drama that gives android partners to those working for the LAPD.  There’s no title to the series yet, but the early description labels is as an actiony buddy-cop thing.  To keep the poor, overworked Abrams from going completely insane from his workload, J.H. Wyman (Fringe) will be jumping on board as well.

While I’m loathe to endorse yet another cop show in a world where every other television program is a blandly “unique” take on the same tired premise, Abrams and Wyman may just be able to get some interesting stories out of this one.  That is, of course, assuming the project is aiming to break the mold.  Otherwise, expect to see the equivalent of CSI: Android L.A. and commence to weeping.


Thanks to screenrant for the heads-up.

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