AMC and The Walking Dead, for almost three seasons, has had everyone on the edge of their seats fearing the dead. Now, according to the latest promos, the biggest thing to fear my be those left alive.

For the past two seasons, we’ve seen our survivors dealing with insurmountable odds. Most of the time it’s been due to the walkers or Shane losing his shit, or Carl not staying in the god damn house. Thankfully, though, one problem is fixed. SPOILER ALERT!!! Shane is no longer alive. And,  that’s changed the ground rules of survival for everyone: “Fight the dead. Fear the living.”

These three new trailers, as short as they are, offer a small taste of what’s to come in the upcoming season. And seeing as how someone always dies, it’s not a matter of what gets you this time around, but who.

A prison filled with Zombies, confined spaces, torturing us with the death of Dale again and The Governor deal with? Robert Kirkman is straight up being a damn tease. But, man, is it ever working on us. We’re so siked for this season.

The Walking Dead returns for season three Sunday, October 14th only on AMC.

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